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You have managed to stumble upon Loki's biggest fan's profile. Stay a while. Have a read and maybe even look at the pictures!…

Started writing about him July 2014. I also make amateur attempts at photomanipulation whenever I need a preview picture for my stories or make memes if I get a bit bored :)

Love to hear from people, so feel free to comment :)

Loki's my favourite, whether Nordic myth, Marvel mischief or Disney misunderstood-betrayed-Prince-arch-villain. I love every incarnation. I have to admit a certain interest in the career of his mortal actor, too ;)


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Erika deposited the laundry hamper with the staff responsible for doing the washing for the Palace and wandered back to the King’s suite slowly, hoping Loki would be long gone by the time she got back. She just wanted to carry out her duties and then go back to complete the closing of her mother’s house. A nice, simple day, with straight-forward tasks to carry out before the evening, when she had decided she would tackle Loki about the various things she needed to discuss with him.


As she turned down the corridor to the suites, an older woman appeared and began to follow her. Curious as to why someone else would be coming this way, she turned to look at her and discovered that it was Fulla, Frigga’s Lady-in-waiting and, indeed, the late Queen’s sister.


“Good morning, my lady.” She said, by way of a greeting and the other woman looked over at her, smiling.

“Good morning! Erika, is it not? How do you fare today?”

“Oh, I am very well, my thanks to you.” Replied Erika. She indicated the door to the private suites and asked, “Are you going this way?”

“Yes I am. I have been requested to attend Princess Hel again.”


Erika politely indicated that Fulla should go first and the two women thanked the Palace Guards who flanked the doors. Once inside, they were both taken aback by the loud caws of the ravens and to Erika’s surprise Fulla laughed and approached the two large black birds fearlessly.


“Oh hush, you two! I know you are missing Odin and your daily exercise…” She turned to Erika. “It is a little cruel to confine these magnificent birds, do you not think?”

“Yes! I do and I have asked Lo.. the King about it many times.” Erika paused thoughtfully, “You know the King very well, do you not? Did you not help to bring him up from infancy along with Thor and Tyr and other children around the Palace? Perhaps you could have a word with him? He has always grown impatient with me when I have tried…” She smiled hopefully at Fulla, who observed her for a moment before turning to Muninn and stroking his glossy black feathers.

“I have known these two old birds…” Huginn made a raucous noise and she chuckled at him, “Yes, my dear Huginn… old! I have known you both for many centuries and I do think these chains are humiliating to such proud and intelligent creatures.” She glanced mischievously at Erika, “Perhaps we should unite our forces and approach Loki about this together? I am sure that between us we can come up with a convincing argument?”


Loki’s maid smiled back and nodded; it seemed Fulla and she understood each other quite well on this matter. “That sounds perfect! Well, you had better go to attend to his daughter! It is very late and I am quite surprised she is not already up and about.”

“I hear she had a rather interesting and… late… night!” Whispered Fulla and she winked before crossing the antechamber to get to the small corridor off which lay the King’s private guest suites. Remembering her own experience with Hel and her fondness for drinking from the last time she had visited, Erika shook her head and smiled to herself as she went to the King’s suite and let herself in. It was time to get it nice and clean and tidy so that they could spend some time together later in the evening in order to have their talk.




“So… are you going to share details of just why I found you half asleep and in a terribly untidy room this morning my dear, or do I have to drag it out of you?” Freyja’s grip on Aida’s arm tightened a little as they walked along, reinforcing her tone of voice, which was virtually demanding a minute-by-minute account of Aida’s night.

“No, my Lady. I am not.” Aida refused to look at the Goddess’ questioning face and kept up a steady pace towards the place they were going to for breakfast; she was rather hungry after all the exertion of the night before! “I have a confidence to keep. If you really, really have to know, I did entertain someone last night, but I shall not say who it was.”

“Hmmm.” Mused Freyja. She had strong suspicions as who had spent the night with her, but it seemed she was not going to get verification from the young designer. She had to hand it to her; she had integrity, even if it meant the breakfast conversation was going to be relatively boring without a rundown of Aida’s nocturnal “entertainment”!


Fortunately for the gossip-hungry side of her, Freyja did not need to grill Aida in the hope that she would eventually give in and spill everything; she was about to learn just how good her instinct was. As the two women reached their destination, her Jotúnn companion suddenly slowed down and began to stutter a sentence out.


“Er… could, could we perhaps take our breakfast elsewhere?” She asked and looked at Freyja seriously.

“Nonsense!” Exclaimed the beautiful Goddess loudly, causing a few heads of those already dining to turn in their direction. She steadfastly pulled on Aida’s arm and they arrived at the station of the Maître De, who looked at them quizzically as Aida began to whisper her desire to go elsewhere.

“No, I insist we eat here. A table for two my good man, somewhere near the windows to catch the glorious morning sun!”


Aida was mortified and struggled really hard to calm down and look at the floor in order to avoid seeing the family of four who were looking at her from their table over in a sunny corner of the room. This was a nightmare! Of all the places to come this morning with her new friend, why had it been this one?


Keeping her eyes away from everyone they passed on the long way across the room to the large windows overlooking the orchard where Iðunn’s Apples were grown, Aida reluctantly allowed Freyja to lead her into the Summer Salon to take breakfast.


And Loki watched her every step of the way.




“Good morning, Your Highness!”


Oh, they were words Hel’s ego craved, but this morning they heralded the necessity of having to get out of bed to face the morning after the night before. She swung her legs over the edge of her mattress and sat cradling her head in her hands, wishing the pounding would go away, as well as the nausea that threatened despite having thrown nearly everything up last night when… Hel groaned as fragments of memories of her behaviour and who she had been with surfaced. She had behaved terribly in front of Tyr! Of all the people out of the entire Palace, it had to have been him and now she would be really embarrassed the next time she saw him.


“Come along, let us get you freshened up and feeling ready to face the day.” Fulla’s cheerful voice was accompanied by a kindly smile as she handed Hel a glass of a clear liquid with a vague green tint to it, along with a linen napkin in order to catch the spills which would more than likely occur in her dead half. “Drink up; it will make you feel better. This is my own recipe and it has been curing Royal hangovers since before even Thor and your father learned how to drink too much!”


The Lady-in-Waiting wandered through to the bathroom and Hel heard the shower being turned on for her. She knew Fulla would be arranging her favourite toiletries and cosmetics for her and she smiled; it was so nice to have an experienced lady around to see to her every need without being told what to do. Ganglot was woefully inadequate, being as slow as she was and Hel had recently found herself growing increasingly short tempered with her. Then she thought about Erika, but quickly pulled her face; Loki had put his foot down the last time she had asked if the young maid could be sent to live with her as a female companion and given recent events, it was plain to Hel now just why he would not let her go. She sipped delicately at the headache remedy and even managed to not let any of it leak out onto her night gown as she pondered upon things. Then all too soon, Fulla was back and was ushering her into the bathroom and Hel was treated to a thorough Royal pampering just as the Princess of Asgard – and Queen of Helheimr – should. By the time they had finished, she was feeling refreshed, headache free and looking every inch a King’s daughter.


“Many thanks, Fulla. Queen Frigga was very lucky to have you…” Hel admired herself in the long mirror, turning from side to side to examine the beautiful gown Fulla had suggested for her today. For some reason, Asgard was not quite as warm at the moment and the style of the dress, which covered her arms and shoulders a bit more than a summer dress would have, disguised those parts of her which were not very appealing to the eye. A sudden pang of hunger cramped her stomach and surprised her. Breakfast, although welcome, was not something she thought she would have been able to face this morning, but now that she felt better, it would certainly be nice.

“Fulla, I should like to take breakfast now. I feel so much better and I am actually quite hungry, but I would like somewhere in the Palace that is not cold. Do you have a suggestion as to where I can go, even at this late hour?”

“Yes, Your Highness. The Summer Salon serves a variety of foods all day.”




The Docks of Asgard were bustling with activity on this particular morning; there had been a bumper catch of fish and the fishing boats were queuing up to reach the moorings so that it could be landed and sent to market in as fresh a state as possible. Auctioneers’ voices could be heard as they announced each lot and began the bidding and opportunistic Asgardian Gulls were dipping and diving, snatching at the odd morsel on the quayside, or congregating around the hatches through which the fishmongers threw back the guts and waste after they had processed their wares. In amongst all the various noises and goings-on, Anders was directing his crew to the latest boat so that they could begin to unload it onto a cart to take up to the Asgardian warehouses. He had been there for a few hours by now and was just starting to think about having a break for something to eat after this shipment had been dealt with. His second-in-command was more than capable of looking after things for half an hour or so.




The tall overseer looked round in the direction from which his name had come and smiled to see his sister there, but his face fell almost immediately. She was in her Jotúnn form! Noticing that quite a few of the men were glancing up from their work to look at her, Anders quickly instructed his assistant and walked over to her, ushering her back down the docks and away from public scrutiny. But to his dismay, the warehousing area and the market behind it were just as busy and she was attracting just as much attention. Helga seemed oblivious to it all, chattering to him about how she had brought him an early lunch and was hoping they could eat it together in a local park. All Anders was concerned about was that people were looking at his sister and it was making him feel uncomfortable.


What he did not appreciate in his discomfort was that not everyone was staring impolitely. There were many amongst the onlookers who were appreciating the view of the exotic creature walking down the dock and would have been quite happy to greet her – if she had not been getting hurried along by a rather angry looking Anders. Helga was unusual, and Frost Giants were not quite as feminine and pretty as Asgardians, but neither was she ugly or coarse. Ander’s behaviour was doing her no favours.

“Anders! Slow down a little… what is the rush?” Helga’s breath came out in gasps as she struggled to keep up with her brother.

“Why did you come down here?” Growled Anders, “And why are you still insisting on showing your true aspect in public? Do you not appreciate what it means for me? When they realise you are my sister, people will start to ask questions! You are placing me in a very difficult position!”


They reached the point where the docks gave way to a relatively pleasant promenade which led to a small park area where there were tables and benches for people to use to eat their lunch in the open air. Anders took her right to one side which was fairly quiet and they sat down, each glaring at the other.

“Let me ask you in turn why you do not reveal your true form?” Countered Helga, “Are you ashamed of it or have you grown so used to deceiving others that you cannot give it up?”

“You know damn well I will lose my job if I am found to be Jotúnn!” Hissed Anders, unaware that his eyes were beginning to flash red in his rage. “There is still so much prejudice…”

“Loki is Jotúnn and it is well known throughout the Nine. He sits on the Throne in his true form and no one protests. There has been no formal move made to have him removed. Only ACPoS have shown resistance.”

“Helga, you are talking nonsense…”

“No I am not!” Helga banged a clenched blue fist down on the table between them and bared her teeth in the Frost Giant manner. “I will not hide this form any longer and anyone who does not like it can tell me to my face. While I am at it and while you are clearly angry with me, I may as well tell you my other news. I am stepping down from my position in the group.” Standing up from the bench she raised a shaped black eyebrow and pulled a face at her brother, “I will have no more to do with any of your ideas. They cause nothing but trouble… and death!”


The burly dock worker watched as his sister stalked off leaving him alone to eat the lunch she had made and he tried to understand what had made her do these things. But then he hardened his heart towards her; let her become soft, let her lose direction. He would not. Now that he was more or less the sole director of things in the group and no one was there to oppose him, he could accelerate their missions. Assassinate Loki and bring back Thor. The first one would be an easy task; all he had to do was lean on Aida. The second however…. Suddenly an idea came to him. There were rumours that the King’s maid could wield Mjölnir.


And where Mjölnir was involved, Thor was usually not far away.




Loki watched as Aida and Freyja took their seats at a sunlit table near one of the large windows of the Summer Salon. Somewhere in the background, Sigyn was telling him about the exploits of their sons, but he was too interested in how the bright rays coming in through the pane of glass illuminated the colour of Aida’s skin; it was truly beautiful. He recalled the previous nights’ pleasurable pursuits and felt the Jotúnn personality within him stir as memories of the touch of her, her scent and her taste all crowded his mind and it was only as he realised there was now silence at their table that he broke out of his daydreams and looked round at his breakfast companions, who were staring at him. A glance down at the table revealed blue skin fading back to white and he realised that his thoughts had caused more than just the personality to be awakened; he had been well on the way to transmogrifying into his Frost Giant aspect. Sigyn averted her eyes quickly and picked up her tea to take a nervous gulp, trying to hide the hint of fear they held; she had never been keen on Loki’s Jotúnn form, especially as it reminded her of his other wife, Angrboda.


There was a palpable tension building, but then a waitress appeared and started to clear away the used crockery and it dissipated. Completely ignoring the incident, Loki took the opportunity to ask some questions regarding what Sigyn had told him about their sons and her pretty face brightened up as she elaborated for him. She was very proud of them and rightly so; the list of achievements was impressive indeed and Loki decided that it was high time that they were brought to the Palace in order to receive the kind of training all members of the Royal Household were privileged to. He realised he had not been the most attentive husband and father to his little family and in a rare moment of decency he decided to try harder. It was not completely unselfish however; the more of his own blood he had around him in Asgard, the better placed he would be as King.


Not able to entirely ignore his Jotúnn lover of the night before, his emerald eyes strayed to her several times as he discussed his idea with a much delighted Sigyn and basked in the thrill as Aida met his glances on a few occasions. The pink blush which decorated her blue features was most pleasing to him and he resolved to visit her again as soon as the opportunity presented itself. The sway the Jotúnn part of him held over his Asgardian self was growing and even Loki, the God of Mischief and Trickery, was being seduced by the raw emotions induced by the hormonal surges that having such an ideal mate close by caused within him. He was completely unaware of the discomfort Aida was experiencing because the responses she was showing were so similar to those of arousal. In that Summer Salon over breakfast, Loki’s masculinity was positively brimming over and he was clearly the dominant God in the room, even given that he was the self-proclaimed King. He truly was in his prime and it was evident in his stature, his visage and in his attitude. Now in a much improved mood, he pleasantly surprised his wife and sons with a fairly jovial and generous nature as he discussed his plans for them with regard to the future of Asgard and the Nine.


But then Hel turned up.




Fenrir strode along with one of the King’s Company warriors through the part of Asgard which was not quite as affluent as those areas nearer the Palace, taking in all he saw. He was unable, of course, to come somewhere like this in disguise to snoop around and gain sources of information, but he had turned up completely unannounced and there was little-to-no opportunity for anyone to hide what it was they were doing that might be deemed… illegal. He had come here on a whim, believing as he did that it was an ideal place for any dissenters to come for goods and services they might find useful in their attempts to displace his father. As he made his way down the main street where there were many shops and street-sellers, he noticed how the people reacted differently to his presence and that of the fearsome-looking warrior; some gave him respectful nods despite the fact that he knew they probably had shady dealings. These were the sort who knew that a mutually beneficial relationship could be formed with Fenrir, Loki’s son and War Master. Then there were those who would not meet his eyes even after their show of deference; these were the ones who would probably stab him in the back as soon as he dropped his guard.


The area was not that large and they had more or less made their way right round within an hour. He had made many mental notes and was planning to sup with his brother Jormungandr later on to discuss them with him. However, as they made their way back up the slope which led out of the slummier parts, he caught a familiar scent and he stopped in his tracks. The fact that he was a huge wolf who towered over most people drew immediate attention to his stance, which was one of being to attention as he allowed the scent to invade his nostrils and to remind him of what it was.


It was the same scent as the tabards those youths had been wearing on the day of the destruction of the Great Lilac! As he concentrated on the scent, his Lupine senses kicked in and he found the trail, which was strangely visible to him. Small motes of scent floated along in the air, leading him along and he eventually arrived at a small shop which was set back a bit from the main street. It had a large window making up most of the front of the building and in it was displayed a wide selection of material on long rolls, including some which looked like the red and gold which the tabards had been made of. Turning to the warrior beside him he growled, “Get me the shop keeper.”


A few moments later a very harassed and scared looking man emerged from the shop and fell to his knees in front of Fenrir.


“Your Highness! I… I have done nothing wrong, I assure you! What is the na…”

“Silence!” Snapped Fenrir. The man’s eyes boggled at him in fear and his mouth snapped shut. “The red fabric in the window, do you sell much of it?”

“The r…r…red f…fabric?” Stuttered the poor man, “Well, s…sometimes. It depends…”

“Do you keep records of the fabrics you sell and to whom you made the sales?” The patience of the Great Wolf was growing thin and he made no attempt to disguise the fact.

“Yes!” The man seemed relieved that he might have the right answer for Fenrir as he blurted out his answer and he was met with a wide smile which revealed huge white fangs.

“Then perhaps you would be so kind as to fetch them? You may wish to lock up your premises too; we are going for a walk…”




“Were you close as sisters, you and the Queen?” Asked Hel as she walked along with Fulla. Essentially, this woman was supposed to be her Great Aunt and she had asked her to accompany her to the Summer Salon to take some tea with her.

“Well, yes, somewhat. When she wed the All Father she insisted I accompany her here to Asgard. She was very young and quite overwhelmed at her new role and needed someone familiar with her, I presume. Odin was a very loving husband, but he was away at war very often, which can mean a lonely existence for a Queen. I had to maintain a formal distance from her as her Lady-In-Waiting, but to be honest we let it drop in private most of the time!”

“Do you miss her?” The question was abrupt and caught Fulla by surprise, leaving her stuck for words, but Hel continued before she could reply. “I do… or rather I have done for a long time. No matter what our real history is, no matter our true origins, Frigga was always nice to me. She never revealed to me that Loki was not their son and I had no idea that I was not her true granddaughter until that terrible day when Odin sent me into Helheimr to await the arrival of my dead mother, announcing that I was a ghastly reincarnation of the ancient Hela. Helheimr’s Gates had been closed since Hela had herself died and I trod that long and lonely path alone to go to wait for my mother to arrive. In that freezing dark the skin and flesh of the diseased side of my body began to perish and to fall away completely, making it even worse than it had been when I was amongst the living. He proclaimed me to be a child of monsters and a threat to the safety of Asgard. Yet it was he who had murdered my mother! Three times he burned her until she was nothing but ash in his own hall, to which he had invited her to speak of my father and their children together.” The half dead daughter of Loki pulled a proud face, “He made me a better person that day, you know? It may have hurt to the ends of the Nine and back, but in the long run his actions made me stronger and more determined to be someone of note. I refused to be banished to the Underworld to be forgotten in the way he meant it to happen.”

“There were more than a few of us who were shocked at his actions…” Began Fulla.

“Yet there was only one who cared enough to turn that shock into action, Fulla.” Hel threw her a stern look, “It was only my father who came to look for me and to comfort me; a young outcast lost in the cold and the dark with only the wandering dead to keep me company. He had brought my mother back to life in the Iron Wood and, although he told me that I could never return to live in the sunshine while Odin ruled, he gave me hope that someone, at least, cared enough for me to help me to find my feet and to have a purpose. Oh, and what a glorious purpose it became! To judge the fallen and now… to build an army.”

“An army?” Fulla was confused at Hel’s prideful words, which had inadvertently revealed Loki’s plan.

“Yes!” Caught up in her sense of self-importance, especially as she was now officially a Princess of Asgard, Hel continued, “We have a ship, Naglfar, built of the clippings of the dead. It is immense and it will bear a horde such has never been seen to the battlefield! Those souls which have been transformed into powerful and unstoppable wraiths by the magic of the Morgul will bring down any who attempt to thwart them!” She turned to the Lady-In-Waiting and her eyes were shining with excitement, “My father will be at the helm and he will defeat all who oppose him. He will rule the Nine!”


As the two women arrived at the Summer Salon, Fulla felt every ounce of her appetite disappear.


Odin needed to be told. The prophesy was still coming about despite his attempts to stop it.

States Of A God's Heart Ch82: Grand Designs
Fulla, Loki's nanny and the former Queen Frigga's sister, befriends his maid and tends his daughter, from whom she learns something disturbing.

This is the eighty second part of the sequel to To Tame A God
Previous Chapter: States Of A God's Heart Ch81: The God Delusion
Next Chapter:

Not often I upload two at once, but there are lots of chapters already up on AO3 which are not here yet!

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The sound of an Asgardian Cockerel crowing heralded the dawn of a new day and Erika woke up to find herself in her mother’s kitchen, just where she had nodded off the day before. Stretching out, she yawned and looked over to the window where bright sunshine was pouring in. Yet it was not the golden sunshine of a summer’s day; it was of a different hue. A bit fresher and somewhat bluish in tone. More like an autumnal day. She got up and went to fill the kettle in order to make a pot of tea, and the cockerel crowed again. Erika glanced at the timepiece on the hearth and saw that it was only half past five, yet she felt refreshed and well rested. It was amazing what an exciting day and an early night in a place she loved could do for some decent sleep!


Erika went about her toilet and then breakfasted lightly, making a list of all the things still left to do to close up the house. Once she had washed up her breakfast crockery she saw it was approaching half past six and she left for the Palace to get there in good time to begin her duties for the King of Asgard. Her King.




Now we take a bit of a different turn in this tale because it is often forgotten, in the heat of the moment during an involved fan-written fiction, just what kind of creature Loki is. For a moment, allow the author to speak to you directly and gently remind you that all of these (nearly 400K) words are obviously pure fiction. They are about “my” Loki and the various characters, both real and imagined, who I have allowed into his life. My weakness and indeed my desire to see it all turn out happily ever after for him are false hopes, as we all know what his final fate will be. It is simply up to me as your writer to weave something which is hopefully entertaining along the way as I take him there. Yet I yearn to try to involve the wonderful myths and legends from whence this wonderful character sprang and so I have researched for many hours to try to glean a little of what is supposed to have happened. As I am sure any of you who have started to read up on the Norse legends have found, the source material is ancient, incomplete and open to widely differing interpretation. There is a lot of “faction” out there which confuses the issue by stating things which are not verified as being the truth and there is of course all the fiction, which some also assume to be the truth.


In short, it is not easy to get your “facts” right about these legends, especially when your area of expertise is not in historical research and you have not a single clue how to read the Old Norse language anyway – like me! I hope I do the legends justice in how I bring them into my story, but please remember I have added quite a lot of artistic license – for example ALL the dialogue – in order to try to entertain you. This is “faction” and is not by any means how it is really supposed to have happened.


Now to get back to my original point: the kind of creature Loki is. Basically, he is anything you want him to be, because he is the Trickster, The Spirit of Chaos, of Fire. He is The Mischief. He wants you to like him. He wants you to love him, to root for him when he’s in trouble. Why? Because he is a narcissistic bringer of trouble who does not want to have to suffer any of the consequences of his actions. He is an outsider wanting to be the centre of attention. Add to that the fact that he is supposed to be an attractive creature no matter his disguise and we are suddenly presented with a dangerous mix. And that is the crux of the matter. Loki is dangerous. He is possibly one of the most dangerous Gods around because he is not obviously out to harm you. He will charm you, he will persuade you, con you, seduce you and only afterwards will you wonder what the hell happened. Add to that the fact that we, as mortals, have decided to allow a certain handsome and charming British actor by the name of Tom Hiddleston to play him in the film adaptations and it really is game over for a lot of people! You can find a clip of that adorable man in his #Loki dressing room here: He's Back


So, having broken the equivalent of the fourth wall in a film, I will now recede into the background once more to continue the narration of “my” Loki’s life and I’m about to ramp up the Nordic input. Enjoy.




It is not easy planning the downfall of the House of Odin. The reasons for wanting to do it were numerous; some of them lost in distant foggy memory, but some were still quite fresh and raw. Things did not seem to be leading necessarily on to the dreaded Ragnarok however and Loki was quite confident that he had managed to get his own way without killing nearly everyone off, including himself of course. As he lay in his bed staring up at the small gaps in the drapes where the faint light heralded the dawn however, there was one thing which was spoiling all of this: his nightmares. He needed to do something about them, that much was obvious, but why was he having them in the first place? They were a mixture of memories of the abyss and scenes which he could not fathom out and which he had to assume were either his own mind trying to make sense of various things in his life or… or which were potentially prophetic. Either way, he was not happy about them and wanted rid of them.


Sighing in frustration at his lack of sleep he turned onto his side and grabbed a pillow to curl up against, burying his handsome but tired face in it and hoping to manage to get a short undisturbed nap before having to get up to face the day.




The setting for all these interwoven strands of life in Loki’s tale was of course the Great Tree of Yggdrasil, where all the Nine realms resided, along with the many paths and in-between-worlds and all those creatures who were harboured within. The base of Yggdrasil, her anchor, her support, was made up of three giant roots, each of which was situated within a separate wellspring. These were Hvergelmir, Urðarbrunnr and Mímisbrunnr. Hvergelmir lies in the realm of Niflheimr, a place of immense cold to one side of where Ginnungagap once existed. This wellspring is fed by water which drips from the antlers of Eikþyrnir, the Great Stag who stands over Odin’s Hall, biting at the branches of Yggdrasil. Hvergelmir’s waters are seething with serpents which are accounted as being “too numerous to mention” and they are often accompanied by Níðhöggr there, who gnaws at the great root above, causing Yggdrasil great hardship. The venom they produce was one of the sources of the hardened rime which slowly filled Ginnungagap and created the body of Ymir, the first Giant. This same wellspring is the source of all waters and it flows from its origin point in Niflheimr, across Ginnungagap and into the known Nine Worlds of Existence, where it splits into many rivers including Gjöll, the river which flows closest to the gate of the underworld, Helheimr.


Gjöll is a strange river, flowing along and carrying the weaponry of the dead such as swords, crossbows and maces, and it is spanned by a huge bridge called Gjallarbrú, which is guarded by a Giantess called Móðguðr. The bridge is thatched with glittering gold and is indeed a sight to see. Just further along from there, where the river passes closest to Helheimr, is Náströnd or Dead Man’s Shore, where Níðhöggr also visits to chew and to suck at the corpses of those who were guilty of the crimes of rape, murder and oath-breaking, the most heinous of crimes in the Viking Age.


It is on this shore that the construction of the mighty ship Naglfar was now taking place at the request of Loki. He wanted a mighty ship in which to sail to Vígríðr, the setting for the final battle where Surtr was foretold to meet the Gods in a fight which was the centre of Ragnarök – should it ever come about. After the mighty Dragon, Níðhöggr, had done with each of the corpses of the criminals who were destined to be mauled by him, their trimmings – of their nails – were taken and added to the great hulk that would ferry Hel’s hordes to the battle field. It was a fearsome-looking vessel and was of such a size that there was no doubt that the army it would convey was going to be of a formidable number. Hrym stood on a platform looking out over the dry dock in which the ship was being constructed. Every death brought her nearer completion and he was pleased to see that there was not much more left to do. Loki should be very happy.




The walk back to the Palace of Asgard on that rather fresh morning had invigorated Erika; it was rather more pedestrian than the last time she had been on her way there and as she passed through the suburbs of the city, some of the worries she had were left behind and she began to look forward to seeing Loki again. Of course she had to talk with him of what he had done with the All Father and Thor, but surely he would be grown up enough to have a sensible conversation with her about it? He had been ruling Asgard in his own right for a while now and even though there were the problems with those who opposed him, he was settling in and people were getting used to the idea. Nothing really bad had ended up happening; Asgard was not suddenly overrun with Daemons or Giants, trade continued to be steady between the realms and the sons of The Great Wolf, Sköll and Hati Hróðvitnisson, had not yet swallowed the Sun and the Moon. No, Erika looked up and saw Sól on her way across the crisp blue sky; she was definitely still there on her quest to find and join with Máni. And as far as she knew, the stars were still in the sky during the night.


Taking a quick detour to the kitchens and then nodding politely at the Palace Guards who were stationed at the opening of the corridor which led to the Royal Suites, Erika wondered what the day would bring and whether she would be able to get away to finish off closing her mother’s house. She entered the huge golden doors which opened onto the antechamber off which the various private suites of the King’s living area lay and she crossed to the pedestals upon which Huginn and Muninn were perched. The two ravens were more than used to her now and were not as cantankerous as they had been when she first started to serve Loki privately. But Erika wanted to test something this morning. She had left Mjölnir back at her mother’s house, as there really was no need to be so protective of her; no one could lift her unless she wanted it and she was quite capable of getting to anyone she wanted under her own steam. Yet the ravens had spoken to Erika and had claimed it was because of Mjölnir; would she understand them without the hammer’s presence? She held her hand out to Muninn with a treat for him and the same for Huginn, smiling happily as the two birds delicately pecked at the morsels despite their rather vicious beaks. It was an even happier grin which graced her pretty features when Muninn cocked his head and fixed his beady black eyes on her and said “Many thanks, my lady.”


Looking round surreptitiously, the young maid leaned a little closer and whispered, “I have had another dream of Thor. I am going to talk to Loki about their imprisonment as soon as I can. If you have any way of communicating with them, please let them know.”


Hoping her message would somehow get through, Erika walked swiftly to the door of the King’s Rooms and quietly slipped inside so as not to wake him; she was quite early and he did not need to get up just yet. She busied herself about tidying up and placed a kettle of water over one of the fires in order to boil some water, then took out a beautiful set of tea ware from a side cupboard. She took the kettle off the fire and allowed it to cool for a couple of minutes while she prepared the teapot and a small jug of milk, placing them on a tray and taking them over to the dining table in order to make the fragrant brew. She allowed the tea to infuse the water for precisely three minutes – measured by the huge ornate timepiece over the main fireplace – and then poured some into his favourite cup, to which she added just a splash of milk. She approached the huge bed, which as usual was surrounded by its luxurious black drapes, and pulled one back so she could place the cup and saucer on Loki’s bedside table, and then she found herself standing quietly staring down at the King of Asgard where he lay fast asleep. The sheets were crumpled down to the end of the bed and the one he was lying on was rumpled up as if he had been wrestling with someone! He was holding tightly on to and curled around one of his pillows, his face buried in it as he snored gently from somewhere underneath his mane of black hair.


Erika looked at him lying there, obviously having had a bad night. Only now as he was supposed to be getting up was he managing to catch some proper rest and she almost felt guilty at being the one to disturb him. She sat next to him and gently pulled one of the black silk sheets up over his pale-skinned form, then smoothed his hair back from his face strand by strand. A barely imperceptible stiffening of his body indicated he had awoken, but was lying there enjoying her attention as his mind fully gained consciousness. Unable to resist teasing him in order to get him to reveal he was awake, Erika took a small lock of his hair and tickled the end of his nose with it lightly, whereupon the Trickster’s face wrinkled and his emerald green eyes cracked open as he chuckled,


“Good morning, Erika.”




Raistlin was true to his word; he definitely wanted to return to Krynn it seemed; he was up at the crack of dawn. Fortunately that was also Helga’s habit as the owner of the guesthouse. She was proud of her fresh bread at breakfast and it was not something which could be made in half an hour! The two of them sipped at warm drinks and chatted for a while, but then the Dark Robed Mage stood up and announced his departure.


“It has been a pleasure to have you here, Raistlin.” Said Helga, “I hope you have enjoyed your time here – and the travelling we have done as well.”

“I certainly have, Mistress Helga. It has been a most interesting visit to say the least and I am delighted with the herbs the Elves of Rivendell have supplied me with for my tisane. It has made all the difference.” He picked up his bag and his staff and Helga stood up with him.

“I have decided to resign my post.” She said, rather abruptly, and Raistlin turned to look at her quizzically.

“There, I have told someone.” She sighed, “It was not real until I just told you. Until then it was all just an idea. Now it is real.” She smiled a little sadly, “I understand what we want and what we are trying to achieve, but there have been too many casualties for my liking and I cannot stand the thought that someone else may die because of actions I have put into motion.”


It was a few moments before Raistlin replied to her and his stare unnerved her. It looked as if those strange hourglass pupils were boring right into her and she grew uncomfortable.

“Yes… yes, you are sure in this…” Mused the Mage, and he cocked his head slightly as he continued to examine her. She was aware of his special sight and she was about to say something when he spoke up.

“I do not normally do this,” He began, and he reached out to touch the blue skin of her cheek as his eyes examined her face, “yet you are a good friend and you are incredibly brave and generous-hearted. Helga, in revealing your decision to me, you have turned your fate to a new path. What I see when I look at you has changed. I will not reveal what I see, but I wish to tell you that you have made the right decision. Now, many thanks for your hospitality once again.” He lowered his hand and hoisted his bag over his shoulder as he walked to the front door.

Opening it to reveal the fresh morning outside, Helga touched Raistlin’s hand briefly, causing him to pause and look to see what she was doing. She leaned forwards quickly and kissed him lightly on his golden-skinned cheek.

“Fare well, Mage Majere. I hope our paths will cross in the future.”

“Fare well, Mistress Helga. I hold that hope, too.”


The Jotúnn guesthouse owner watched the Dark-Robed figure recede down the street in the direction of the Bi Frost Observatory and sighed; he was a strange one that Mage, but he was a friend and in these uncertain times friends were a valuable commodity.




“Good morning, Your Highness.” Erika let go of the lock of black hair and smoothed it back over Loki’s brow as he watched her. He shifted his head on his pillow so he could see her better and then glanced out through the drapes of the bed to see that it was time for him to be getting up. Screwing his eyes shut and frowning, he groaned loudly.


“Do I really have to? I slept very little last night and I am tired…”

“I apologise, but yes you do. I have made you a cup of tea, but the kitchen staff said you were due to meet Sigyn and your sons for breakfast in the Summer Salon, so I have not prepared any food.” Erika ran the back of her fingers lightly along Loki’s angular jaw, feeling the slight stubble scratching at her skin and he smiled and turned his face back in to the pillow a little. She was smiling too, until she caught sight of a mark where his neck met his shoulders. A small purplish mark which was raised, like a bruise. It was definitely fading, especially as Loki had superior healing qualities, but it was very much there and as her blue eyes travelled over his shoulder and to the top of his pale-skinned yet fairly muscular back, she saw just the very faintest of pink lines on his shoulder blades. Parallel lines. Four of them.


“I had better get your bath run, or you will be late.” She rose quickly from the bed and started to walk to the bathroom, unsure of what she had seen now, if anything.

“Oh, that will not be necessary thank you, Erika. I will just have a shower to wake me up. I had a bath and a shower last night. I, er… I…” Was that hesitation in his voice? “I needed to get the grime of the day off me!” he finished, but it was too late for his feeble excuse. Erika had heard the lie as clear as day. With her face growing hot and an awful feeling growing in her belly she continued to the bathroom, “Yes, Your Highness.” she managed to whisper out just before her voice cracked and she turned the water jets on full blast as her eyes filled with unwanted tears. She swallowed hard and tried to pull herself together. Come on Erika! You were not here last night and he suffers with his dreams. He must have gone to a courtesan to try to while away some time and bring on tiredness… But her own mind could not eradicate the feeling in her gut.


That he had sought out Aida.




Insistent knocking on the door to her room was what roused Aida from her deep sleep and she spent a few seconds blinking and wondering why she was being woken up so early.


“Aida? Are you in there?” Freyja’s voice was quite brusque and Aida sat up slowly as sleep receded and she realised that perhaps the hour was later than she had initially thought.

“Can you open this door? I am worried about her. She was supposed to meet me for breakfast.” Freyja was now obviously talking to one of the Palace guards and she heard a male voice answering, although she could not tell what he had said. As she got herself upright, she began to feel the after effects of Loki’s visit the night before and not completely without a frisson of excitement, she recalled their rather lengthy session of lovemaking. Although the Trickster had been eager to have her and was quite vigorous at first, he had not been completely without consideration and had made the encounter pleasurable for her too. Yet he had been cold towards her afterwards, going straight back to his suite. There had been no loving cuddling or sleeping together once he had sated his desires. It was as if the nature of a Frost Giant was to carry out the act of procreation but not to offer any affection afterwards. Yet maybe that was not entirely fair. Perhaps it was because they were not partners in life. Aida had to face it; Loki had never joined with her in his Asgardian form yet and so she was unable to make any comparison between the natures of each form, and on top of that, she was basically his secret lover, not his girlfriend or his consort.


“Aida?” The clicking of the lock to her room captured her attention and she called out.

“Hello! I am here… just give me a moment!” She reached for her robe and pulled it around her just as the Goddess of Beauty slipped in through the door.

“Oh! I apologise! I did not realise that you were still in bed…” Freyja looked her up and down, noting her particularly dishevelled appearance, and then looked at her bed, which was showing the same level of disarray. It was very obvious that Aida had not spent a quiet night in here.

“It matters not. It is I who should apologise for sleeping in! Can you give me half an hour to get ready, please? I should still like to take breakfast with you.” The young designer smiled sheepishly as she crossed to her bathroom, “I will not be long.” Not waiting to hear Freyja’s response, she turned on the shower and stepped out of her bathrobe; she needed to get the scent of last night’s encounter off her before she could go anywhere with anyone.




Loki looked down at the young woman who was fussing around his clothing, making sure he looked perfect. Something was not right with her. She was definitely bottling a lot of things up and he was incredibly tempted to look into her mind to see if he could work out what was wrong before she eventually either came clean or broke down.


“Look if you want, Loki, but you might not like what you find.”


Her words startled him and he could not speak for a moment. How had she known…?


“It is the way you look at me when you are about to do it, or when you are wondering if you should.” Erika stopped fastening the strap on his pauldron – the pauldron she had dropped the first time she had ever tried to put it on for him – and looked up at him, her pretty blue eyes searching his. “Why do you want to look this time? What have I done?”

“You have done nothing…” Loki’s voice was distracted, as if he could not believe that she could read him so well. “Yet you are troubled and I would know why.” He placed his hand on hers and his expression became concerned, “I care for you…”

It was too much. Erika could not separate the feeling of emotional love from the need to express it through the physical act of love. And it was this which was tearing her apart; how could Loki go to another and make love to them if he was not in love with them? And how could he do it when he professed to love her? She slipped her hand from his and finished fastening the strap.

“You are ready. Have a nice breakfast with your family. When you have a moment, I need to talk to you of various things. Serious things. Until then, enjoy your day.” Not giving him a chance to reply, she picked up the hamper of laundry she had collected while Loki had been showering and left the room.




The Summer Salon of the Palace of Asgard was a very pleasant and airy room with large windows looking out over the orchard where Iðunn’s Apples were grown. It made full use of its position in the grounds, being in a sun trap of a kind, and it was rarely anything but cheerfully bright and warm in there. The gardeners had designed the greenery of the room in a way which obscured the view of the stone pillars between the huge windows and one would almost believe that they were sitting outside.


Sigyn ushered in her two sons and they sat down at a beautifully decorated table. It had a plain white linen cloth, but the place settings were in pale cream and green, with simple but highly polished silverware and the whole feel was of cleanliness and freshness. As they sat down, pitchers of juice, plates of sweet rolls and pots of freshly churned butter and locally made fruit spreads were brought out for them. Sigyn ordered strong coffee for herself and a pot of the Midgardian tea called Earl Grey in anticipation of Loki’s arrival. She had not rested particularly well the previous night as she had been nervously anticipating this meeting with the man who was still essentially her husband, even if it was very rare for him to behave that way anymore.


They had arrived a little early and she was a worried that Loki would either be late or perhaps not even arrive at all, so it was with a pleasant feeling that she watched him arrive at the station of the Maître De to be escorted to their table.


“Stand up to greet your father.” Sigyn motioned to her sons as she rose and they followed suit. She lowered her eyes deferentially, as she had done all their married life and only looked up when she saw his pale and elegant fingered hand reach out to take hers, whereupon he kissed it in greeting. Even after all these centuries, seeing his handsome face, feeling his lips on her skin and being the one he was looking at from those infamous eyes all conspired to turn her insides upside down. A hot blush rose to her cheeks and she smiled shyly as she bade him good morning.

“Good morning to you, too.” He replied and then looked at Narvi and Vali. “How do you all fare this fine morning?” Sitting down at the table, Loki waited while a servant placed a napkin in his lap and looked appreciatively at the cup of tea waiting for him.

“I hope you still take it with just a small dash of milk?” Asked Sigyn as she watched him pick it up.

“I do. Thank you, Sigyn.” Loki smiled at her and then took a sip of the fresh brew, “Mmm, perfect. Now! Shall we have something to eat? I am ravenous!”


For the next half an hour or so, the four of them breakfasted on the delicious foods which were brought to them and Sigyn could almost believe they were a proper family again. Foolishly allowing hope to enter her heart, she hoped this was the first of many such breakfasts here at the Palace.

States Of A God's Heart Ch81: The God Delusion

In this chapter, the narrator becomes - for a moment - almost like a character, so... is that an "original character", or a "cameo", or a "played by herself"? Or maybe it is a "Stan Lee"?

Continuing the enrichment through Nordic embellishment, I give you.....

This is the eighty first part of the sequel to To Tame A God
Previous Chapter: States Of A God's Heart Ch80: In The Midnight Hour
Next Chapter: States Of A God's Heart Ch82: Grand Designs

The Title for this took longer to decide upon than writing it. Seriously - titles are the hardest part!
So, yes. It is pinched from Richard Dawkins' book. No, it has nothing to do with him, it or anything it may say inside. I just liked the title and believed I should credit it to the one who used it first :D


It is to record lots of incredible news that I write in you this time, Diary. I do not know where to begin, so much has happened and I might not have enough time to get it all down at once.


There was an attack at the celebration and it hurt Freyja the Goddess of Beauty terribly. I had been napping at Móðir’s house, which I am closing up, and a very loud noise woke me up. There was smoke coming from the direction of the Palace and it worried me so I set off to get there, which would normally take me a good twenty minutes on foot, but Mjölnir helped me! She came flying into my hand and I took flight with her as Thor does! It was so exhilarating and we got there in mere moments, but it was to a devastating scene.


The part of the garden where the Great Lilac stands in commemoration of Odin’s marriage to Frigga was destroyed and the tree itself was ruined and on fire. Statues and bushes were blasted and broken and Freyja was lying prone before Aida. I went to try to help and then Loki turned up with a warrior and something strange happened. As I asked him to help out, I felt power collect within me and it was Thor’s voice which asked him about something called healing stones. I do not remember much of what happened very well, but I know Mjölnir channelled energy through the stones and revived Freyja using me. The sensation was exhilarating and empowering and… oh, I just cannot describe it sufficiently. It felt as if my life had been a dull dream and that I was suddenly truly alive! Yet as soon as her work was done and she became dormant again, I felt as weak as a new-born kitten. I think that is where Thor and I obviously differ; he is a God and as such is already powerful, whereas I am simply an Asgardian girl.


Loki was devastated by the destruction of the Great Lilac. Oh, he would not admit it if asked, but I saw it in him just for a moment. I tried to comfort him and I suppose it was a dreadful lapse in socially acceptable behaviour towards my King in public, but it hurt when he refused it. I pity him, diary. In private and when there are no troubles on his mind, he is the most sensitive and caring man, but in public and especially when something angers him, he is the cruellest and most callous person I have ever known. He brought it all around to my ability to wield Mjölnir again. It was almost as if he suspected me of carrying out the attack! And as he became angrier towards me, Mjölnir seemed to react to him, as if she was going to defend me. He took it as an aggressive gesture of course and worked himself up into a complete rage, just as he did last night. I wonder why I stay, Dairy, I really do. Am I so trapped by my heart and my feelings that I will not walk away from him no matter how horrible he can be? Am I so blind? When I read these words, I almost laugh at myself; if I was my own friend, I would shout at myself and tell myself to wake up!


I went back to Móðir’s and I stayed there. I did not want to see Loki so soon after a repeat of his terrible behaviour. It is as if what he said to me meant nothing. Can I trust his profession of love? Does he even believe it himself, or did he just say it because he thinks it is what I want to hear? Oh I am so confused!  And to top it all off, I had the most bizarre dream at Móðir’s house, where I appeared to be Thor, ruling over Asgard with Sif as his Queen, but then it all went to ruin and I ended up seeing Thor in a ruined Asgard and shouting at him that I belong to Mjölnir and that I would bring him down if she felt it was necessary! What is going on?


Well, I have much more to tell, but I have to go to serve Loki his supper. I will continue next time I have chance. I think I will have to hide you in my wardrobe now, though, because Mjölnir is no longer in my room to protect you.


Which means Loki is now capable of retrieving you again…….


It is the official celebration of Loki’s ascension to the Throne today, Diary. I am not going. I do not want to attend such a gathering again, especially after the Vanaheimian feast. Despite the fact that the people there are supposed to be Gods and Nobles, their behaviour is questionable to say the least!


I had supper with Loki last night, but it did not go well at all. I fell asleep after spending all afternoon cleaning and tidying the suites and neglected to arrange supper and Loki found me! I was so ashamed at having fallen asleep on duty! He said it did not matter, but it did to me. He was quite off with me, however. I think he had not had a good day and he started by asking me why I had bothered to come back to Asgard, especially as he believed that I had no one here. That hurt, Diary, really hurt. He sounded like he thought nothing of us. Supper dragged out because he made me feel so miserable and then he read my thoughts about resigning and told me it would not be necessary. I told him how it feels to have to watch him go off with a beautiful woman who is perfectly suited as a mate for him and who is in a high position in the Palace – a perfect consort in other words – and he just blew up at me when I asked him to let me go! He completely lost his temper and turned Jotúnn, which was really scary. He shouted all manner of nasty things to me and tried to provoke me into summoning Mjölnir to carry out the Prophecy of killing him. And by the Norns, Diary, that hurt me the most! Why would I want to kill him? I love him! So I began to shout back and I pretended that I was about to call her, but then I stopped. Well, he backed down eventually, but we were so close to blows that it made me scared enough to throw up.


I am not cut out for such things! Why does he push me so far all the time? Why do I have to constantly prove myself to him?


So now that I have related all of this, you will probably be dumbfounded by my next revelation to you. There is no use in telling it in great detail, really, but very simply put, Loki realised he had been horrible and he backed down. He came to me and he comforted me and even sent me to the bathroom for a warm soak and then he took me to bed to get some sorely needed sleep.


And this morning? Well I have just sent him off to the celebration alone, having spent most of the morning in his bed making love with him. I feel no shame, Diary. I love him and for the first time ever, he has finally told me the same. Loki told me this morning that he loves me and I cannot tell you what that means! So I hope he has a nice time at the celebration, but he will be surrounded by such beautiful people and I confess I am finding it difficult to not think about the potential temptation around him.


Especially a certain gorgeous Palace Designer……..

Am I really so naïve? I suppose I am. My arrival back here in Asgard started well, with Heimdallr making little issue about the fact that I was carrying Mjölnir. Then I went straight to settle back into the simple duties of being the maid of a King, which was so pleasant after all of the rather exciting and frightening things I have experienced of late. Loki looked exhausted when I went to wake him up and he smelled like he had been on the battlefield! He bathed and I shaved him, so that made him look more presentable.


When I took his laundry away, I found that the people around the Palace were actually noticing me more and were looking at me in a different manner to how they have in the past. I wonder if they know? I wonder what that will mean for me? Oh – and Diary! You will be most surprised by this… Muninn spoke to me! Well, what I mean to say is that I could understand the sounds he was making, just as if he was speaking Asgardian plain as day! He says it is because of Mjölnir and that Thor and Odin know of my ability to wield her. Oh, I do wonder what this will mean now, because I would swear that I have communicated with Thor in some way through her.


But that was where it all went wrong. Loki insisted on talking to me and I lost all control of myself. I had to tell him, Diary, and so I did. I told him that I love him. It was so stupid of me and I cried, too and all he did was comfort me. And I wanted it. I wanted it Diary! I want him! Yet I cannot have someone who is in love with another, can I? Surely there cannot be enough room in his heart for two, and even if there was, is there enough room in mine to allow another to have his attention too? Yet I could not talk to him of this and so I brought up Odin and Thor. I also tried to warn him of the Prophecy Gaia has told me about. The problem is that she is predicting that I will bring about the downfall of all Loki’s plans and that I will be the one to end the line of Odin… and Loki. I could not keep this inside. I had to be honest with him – what if he had plucked it from my mind instead? Needless to say, he did not take any of this very well and he became hard and spiteful towards me.


Oh Diary, I wish he was Loptr after all! I wish he could leave all of his poison and bitterness behind and simply be a fun-loving mischief! I would that he could eschew his responsibilities and live a happy life. Yet once again I am being naïve.


Anyway, the suite is in complete disarray. It is clean of course, as there has been a maid coming in every day, but it is not to my liking… and my liking is to have it just how Loki likes it, so I am going to spend the day putting it straight.


It needs to be just right, for I am to have supper with Loki tonight………..


Diaries Of Loki's Chambermaid 69: Return To Asgard
Erika goes home.
This is a series that follows Am I truly A Monster? Loki x Reader. Part 1 of 2
and it starts here: Diaries of Loki's Chambermaid. 1: Appointment

Previous Chapter: Diaries Of Loki's Chambermaid 68: Big Decisions
Next Chapter: Diaries Of Loki's Chambermaid 70: The Trials Of Erika

Sorry that this was a long time coming, but it is high time I caught Erika's POV up with where we are in States Of A God's Heart. This entry coincides with Ch70 of that tale, so as you can tell, Diaries is a long way behind!


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