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Loki Origins (Young Loki) 24: Jealousy
There is a scene in this story where the present and the past are alternated between. The present is denoted by ordinary text and the past is denoted by the ~ mark followed by italicised text, followed by the ~ mark again. It is also indented. I hope it is clear enough.
Following on from the success of the play put on by the children from the youngest class in the Palace, an extra-curricular group was set up for children of all ages to drop in and learn all about theatre. Miss Sturludóttir had approached Queen Frigga and asked if it was possible to provide such a thing because she felt that the production of shows would be of great benefit to the children. It would teach them all aspects of theatrical activity, from set design to lighting, from writing dialogue to delivering it in a believable and entertaining manner and all the other things it entailed. It would create
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Loki: Ragnarok by palefire73 Loki: Ragnarok :iconpalefire73:palefire73 6 7
Loki Origins (Young Loki) 23: The Spirit Within
It was a beautiful day in the shining golden city of Asgard and the warm sunshine lifted the spirits of many of her citizens as they went about their daily activities. In the Palace itself it was decided by those who ran the various classes that it would be nice to have them take place out on the huge terraces which ran between the various buildings and the lake which lay to the rear. There was more than enough room for the classes which were being held in the Palace, and so the art tutor had his class making studies of perspective and colour by drawing or painting the giant Mountain of Asgard in the distance, the Weaponsmaster used the shallow waters to impede the feet of his pupils as they practiced swordplay so that they would learn how to overcome their resistance and the tutor in charge of the very youngest children decided that the scenery made the perfect backdrop for a play.
Loki was in this class and all the children were read a story written by an author whose pseudony
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Loki Origins (Young Loki) 22: It's In The Stars
As the wife of the All Father and Queen of the eternal city of Asgard, Frigga found her time was very much in demand. Granted, a lot of the hours in the day were usually taken up with Royal duties - both alongside her King as well as on her own - but there was also the question of being the one who Seneschal would come to regarding matters of the Palace - such as menus, guests, décor and so on. It all meant that she found her time with her children was made all the more precious because it was invariably eroded by last minute requests of her to be off doing something in her capacity as Queen, and so she usually tried to make sure that the time she did have with them was of the best quality she could manage. This would mean all kinds of activities, such as making crafts, taking walks in the Palace grounds, reading exciting books or even taking a lovely afternoon nap with her face buried in the soft hair of her beloved boys. It was only in the last few weeks while Thor had been away
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Loki Origins (Young Loki) 21: Checkmate
“I am not too sure about this…”
“Well… I believe he is ready. He is doing such wonderful things every day without even thinking about it. It is clear he has an extraordinary mind in that little head of his and it is our duty to encourage him.”
“You do have a point, but it would be a shame to take away his childhood by making him undergo such rigorous…”
“My Lady, it will not be rigorous to him… he will enjoy it and he will flourish! In the same way Thor has taken so well to the sword, Loki will undoubtedly blossom in the arts of the mind.”
The two women looked over at the little boy sitting on a large bearskin in the middle of the nursery. He was content to play with building blocks at the moment, but he had taken a long time to settle this morning. Although he had seemed to have become used to the absence of his older brother, whom he loved dearly, there were still times where he grew restless and became ups
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Loki with green costume by palefire73 Loki with green costume :iconpalefire73:palefire73 19 11
States Of A God's Heart: Epilogue
And so all threat of Ragnarök had been eliminated. Odin was able to sit on his Throne in a somewhat easier frame of mind. The only things he had to worry about were what to do with Loki’s children who were currently ruling the realm of the Frost Giants and the Underworld. However, even once they had learned of their father’s fate, neither of them seemed to want – at least openly – to take it up with the All Father in an unfriendly manner. Perhaps they enjoyed their lofty positions too much to want to pick a fight over a father who had not really been there for them terribly much? It did not matter to Odin; until they caused problems, he was quite happy to allow them to continue in their roles and have Heimdallr keep an eye on them.
He was not happy about Thor in the first few weeks following the locking of the prison in which Loki was now being kept. The Vision had gone back to Midgard and as far as Odin was concerned, the dealing with that realm cou
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Mature content
States Of A Gods Heart 116 The Future Is Preserved :iconpalefire73:palefire73 0 0
Mature content
States Of A God's Heart Ch115: Slave :iconpalefire73:palefire73 0 0
Deviantart-17-birthday-template by palefire73 Deviantart-17-birthday-template :iconpalefire73:palefire73 1 0
Mature content
States Of A Gods Heart Ch114: Synthetic Sympathies :iconpalefire73:palefire73 0 0
Mature content
States Of A God's Heart Ch113: This Wreckage :iconpalefire73:palefire73 0 0
Mature content
States Of A God's Heart Ch112: So Just Hang On... :iconpalefire73:palefire73 1 0
Mature content
States Of A God's Heart Ch111: Vitam et Mortem :iconpalefire73:palefire73 0 0
Mature content
States Of A God's Heart Ch110: And The Bricks... :iconpalefire73:palefire73 0 0
States Of A God's Heart 109 The Return Of The King
Thor and Odin ran along the main corridor towards the Weapons vault and heard as the klaxon began to sound.
“They are going on lock down!” Shouted Thor, as they dodged people running the other way.
“All the more reason to get to the vault!” Replied Odin, “It is about time you were reunited with Mjölnir and went about your duty as Prince and Protector of Asgard!”
“I look forward to it Faðir! I may not have the strength I once had, but I am quite sure her energy will invigorate me and allow me to conquer our enemies!”
The two Gods arrived at the giant doors of the weapons vault to find them abandoned. It did not matter of course; only the voice of a true God of Asgard could order them to open and the guards would be better serving elsewhere. Thor stepped aside to allow Odin to speak, but the All Father shook his head and pointed to the doors.
“Asgard needs you, Thor. Open the vault.”
A rush
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Reader x Loki Sober Evil prologue
Thor looked through the window of Shield, for the last few weeks his thoughts seems to always go to his brother even the slightest of things could trigger them whether be the color green, goats, or the occasional tricks Tony sometimes played on them and speak of the devil.
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(Loki X Reader) Catch Me Chapter 5: Eternities
As what felt like eternities passed, you began to feel even more uncomfortable than you did when Loki had first placed his right hand firmly against your behind.
‘Eternities of intimacy’ you thought, grimly.
Squirming did you no good.
He, however found some twisted level of delight from your apparent discomfort from being in such close proximity to him whilst being embraced in such an intimate manner.
Silently willing Hetheron to make haste in completing what was sure to be a masterpiece, you made your best effort to remain completely still, as to not aggravate your prince.
Do not draw attention to yourself. No good will come of it.
You twitched involuntarily everytime he took a breath; the ends of his hair softly tickling your cheek.
“Do you fear me, flower?” His voice, thick.
You remained silent, in fear of him finding your response unfavorable.
“I thought as much.” He chuckled.
His silky laughter rumbling through him
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Loki - The Dark World XX by AdmiralDeMoy Loki - The Dark World XX :iconadmiraldemoy:AdmiralDeMoy 288 370
Between Fire And Ice -ThorxReaderxLoki -Chapter 17
Chapter 17
Nervousness crept like a spider up my back as I sat in the luxurious dark green couch, hanging onto the cup of honeyed wine in my hands. In contrast to any of my expectations, Loki did not chain me anywhere but instead offered drinks and some fruits – how odd. With his intense gaze locked upon me, my eyes scanned the salon, which was held entirely in green, black and gold. “Your really have this thing with colors...” I blurted with half a smile. Every shelf and dresser was covered with books and antique artifacts. He's not only a hunter but a collector too, I thought to myself.
“This anomalous shyness surprises me. Where is your courage?” the God opposite teased but I instantly retorted: “It's scattered pieces lie in the garden right where you crushed it.” My words elicited a snicker from the handsome devil. “We share the same sense of humor as it seems.” “Dark and dripping of sarcasm, that's my call.
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You have managed to stumble upon Loki's biggest fan's profile. Stay a while. Have a read and maybe even look at the pictures!…

Started writing about him July 2014. I also make amateur attempts at photomanipulation whenever I need a preview picture for my stories or make memes if I get a bit bored :)

Love to hear from people, so feel free to comment :)

Loki's my favourite, whether Nordic myth, Marvel mischief or Disney misunderstood-betrayed-Prince-arch-villain. I love every incarnation. I have to admit a certain interest in the career of his mortal actor, too ;)


There is a scene in this story where the present and the past are alternated between. The present is denoted by ordinary text and the past is denoted by the ~ mark followed by italicised text, followed by the ~ mark again. It is also indented. I hope it is clear enough.


Following on from the success of the play put on by the children from the youngest class in the Palace, an extra-curricular group was set up for children of all ages to drop in and learn all about theatre. Miss Sturludóttir had approached Queen Frigga and asked if it was possible to provide such a thing because she felt that the production of shows would be of great benefit to the children. It would teach them all aspects of theatrical activity, from set design to lighting, from writing dialogue to delivering it in a believable and entertaining manner and all the other things it entailed. It would create a fun learning environment where children of all ages would hopefully form friendships and have their confidence boosted by seeing the success their hard work could bring.


Fortunately, it proved to be very popular; parents were keen for their children to network with the future nobility and elite of Asgard and the free evenings it gave them up to three times a week were an added bonus. The children wanted something a bit different to do in their spare time and this provided the perfect excuse to go off for a few hours to paint, sing, dress up and generally have a great time with their new found friends. Of course there were other benefits too – the tutors of their regular classes in school saw within a very short time that the children who attended were making better progress in their reading, writing and art lessons, amongst others.


For Frigga, it meant that Loki had something to occupy his mind while Thor and Odin were up at the training grounds. She had received word only a couple of days previously to say they would be extending their time up there by three weeks because they had made better progress in their training than was expected and Odin wanted them to lead an expedition under examination conditions to see how well they had picked up their lessons. He wanted Thor and his companions to put all of that information and training into practise under relatively safe conditions to see how they fared. Frigga was quite upset at being left in Asgard alone for even longer than she had expected and was only comforted by the fact that Loki did not seem to have noticed that the month of Thor’s absence had come and gone already. If he asked about it, she would simply have to tell him the truth and hope that he understood. At least this new source of interest meant that he was not in the nursery alone with either his mother or Fulla every single evening and he was definitely enjoying going along to the group to see what they would be learning next.


As with many educational establishments around the Nine, the Palace School had an incentive scheme with which they encouraged effort in the children. It ranged from verbal praise, through bright stickers on a piece of good work right up to certificates denoting excellent attendance or great improvement, for example. In Miss Sturludóttir’s class one such reward was “Star of the Day” and the pupil who was chosen for this title would get to wear a golden badge all day the following day until the next one was chosen. It meant that each child had a fairly good chance of being “Star of the Day” around once a month – more if they were a bright and well behaved child, less if they were naughty or lazy – and it was always bestowed last thing before the children went home.


Having only recently started at school, Loki had won “Star of the Day” only once and that had been quite a few weeks ago. The current term had been going for three months and was due to break up for a week for holidays and he was getting rather frustrated each time he saw  the golden badge going to another child. Arvid had won it twice for excellent effort on homework, Johan for his progress in reading, Hulda for helping to tidy up each day… even Sigyn had won it three times this term. It did not seem to be fair! However, although Loki was a clever child, he did have problems concentrating at times when the lesson became boring to him, usually because he found the subject matter a bit simple, or lacking in interest. He still managed to answer questions if Miss Sturludóttir asked them of him – usually to try to catch him out – but his effort was not always as good as it could have been and so he missed out on the award to children who achieved less, but who put more work into what they had managed to do.


The play had changed his attitude however. When Loki had stood at the front of the stage to bow to the applause and had seen just how impressed the audience had been, he had positively basked in the attention. He had been amazed at how something like a play allowed people to come together and experience the telling of a story in such a fundamental and emotional way. His heart had soared as he had seen the smiles and the tears caused by their performances and it was something he found he wanted more of. That is why he had signed up for theatre group and was putting more effort into his reading and writing; his young mind had been inspired and he now wanted to know more about this area of the arts. As with any other child, his effort was increasing as he became more interested in the subject and all it had to offer, and this was having a positive effect in his other classes. So much so that, as his English teacher, Miss Sturludóttir in particular was quite pleasantly surprised at how he had suddenly started to perk up in reading lessons; he had even asked to take a book home to complete a chapter he had been halfway through at the end of the school day. Loki could tell that things were going really well in this lesson and one particular Wednesday afternoon he found himself the recipient of a large blue star-shaped sticker on his essay along with a large smile of praise from his teacher. His young mind went into overdrive with pride and within a few minutes he had come to only one conclusion:


I will get “Star of the Day” today!


Giddy with anticipation, Loki could hardly wait for the large hands on the brightly coloured timepiece to move around to “quiet time”, which was the hour in which all the children would put away their work, tidy their workspace and take time to relax a bit at the end of the school day. It would end with them all sitting on the floor surrounding their tutor while she or he would tell them about important things coming up, hand out homework, perhaps read a short story and, in Miss Sturludóttir’s class, hand out the coveted golden badge to the Star of The Day. Eventually, the hour hand clicked round to the number twelve for three o'clock and the teacher rang a small hand bell. The next half an hour was spent tidying up everything that had been used that day, washing utensils and hands, and placing the chairs on the desks out of the way for the cleaners. All the children gravitated towards the area for storytelling and it was Loki who sat right at the front, hardly able to keep himself still as he watched everyone else arrive. Miss Sturludóttir was sitting patiently in her chair watching the children complete their tasks and as they all gravitated to the space around her, including the current “Star”, Erik. Today had been very pleasant and she had been very pleased at how most of the children had tried hard with their work. Two children had caught her eye in particular and she was currently trying to decide which one would be her Star of the Day. She sighed; sometimes it was an easy choice, but sometimes it was incredibly difficult and today it was proving quite hard to make a decision.


Loki had come on leaps and bounds since he had joined the theatre group and she was very proud of the way he was really starting to engage with his lessons now that he could see why he was expected to learn the things Miss Sturludóttir showed them. However, Ingrid, a very shy child, had blossomed ever since she had played Cloud Number Three and had also been one of the girls who had brought on the “The End” placard at the end of the play. Miss Sturludóttir had watched her pluck up the courage to start to join in with other children in the activities they had been set and the once exceptionally quiet and lonely child now had several friends in the class and seemed to actually enjoy coming here. In fact, just as Miss Sturludóttir was trying to decide who would get today’s award, she watched Ingrid pat Loki’s arm and ask to sit next to him; something she would not have done even a few days ago. It was lovely to see Loki act like the perfect gentleman as he made a space for the little girl to sit beside him, but then all eyes were back on her as she realised everyone had arrived. As she looked around at the faces of her young charges, she smiled at them all and made up her mind who would be wearing the golden badge the following day.




“Well, you shall have your opportunity, Loki. Your mother is in the nursery because she insisted on having a little free time with you today. We have ordered a special supper from the kitchens… it is your favourite!” Fulla squeezed the little Prince’s hand gently as they arrived home and found Frigga busying herself with a bit of tidying up in the play area of the nursery. The graceful Queen of Asgard turned as she heard the door opening and smiled with happiness as Loki broke free of Fulla’s hand and ran up to her. She swept him up and twirled him around before hugging him tightly and kissing the top of his head, inhaling the warm scent of his brown hair.


“Oh, my son! I am so happy to see you! Have you had a nice time at school? How were your lessons today?” Lowering Loki to the floor, they went over to the dressing area and Frigga helped Loki out of his jacket. He was quite fidgety and he clearly had something to share with her.


“I won ‘Star of the Day’ today!” He exclaimed, unable to contain himself.


                    ~ “Now then children, settle down. It is time to announce my Star!” ~


“Star of the day? Is that the award your tutor gives out for being good?” Fulla led Loki into the bathroom where they washed their hands ready for supper.

“Yes! And I was so good today. I did really well with my reading book. Miss says I am getting better and better.”


                   ~ “You are all such delightful children and it is my pleasure to teach you. Every day shows me the wonder of what you all are capable of. From the oldest… right down to the very youngest.” ~


“You got ‘Star of the Day’ for your reading? Oh, Loki I am so proud! The theatre group is doing you such good. You get a badge to wear, do you not? A golden one?”


                    ~ “It is so difficult to choose just one Star, but that is the rule and so that is what I must do. I have been very pleased with the progress made in reading this week and a few of you have been outstanding.” ~


“Er… yes, there is a badge to wear.”

“Where is it? I should very much like to see it.” Looking at her young son's reflection in the mirror, Frigga was surprised to see sudden reluctance on Loki’s face.

“You do have it, don’t you?”

“It is in my coat pocket.”


                   ~ “However, I only have one badge. So today the person who I am going to make my Star has had to do something extra special to stand out from so many marvellous  children, for you are all wonderful!” ~


“Can you fetch it, Loki? I would love to see it and we might forget it if we leave it in your pocket. What if you wear a different coat tomorrow?”

“You cannot see it.” Loki’s voice sounded uncertain and Frigga became puzzled at this unexpected hesitancy.

“Why ever not?” She asked amusedly, rinsing off the soap.

“Because it is invisible!” Loki announced and, having dried his hands, walked back out to the nursery room.


                    ~ “This child has recently overcome difficulties in reading, is polite, punctual and friendly, and… shush now, children! And they have really, really come out of their shell in the last few weeks. So… my ‘Star of the Day’ today is…” ~


“Invisible?! Loki, you do not really expect me to believe that, do you? I saw it a few months ago when you first won it and I know full well that it is a golden star! Where is it?” Frigga followed Loki out and they went over to the table, where Fulla was serving up the supper.

Loki would not look at her and Frigga realised that this was a new milestone for the young boy. He was telling his first lie and, like all lies, it had caught up with him. “You did not win it, did you, Loki?”


                   ~ “Ingrid! Come here sweetheart! And Erik, would you bring the badge to hand over to her please?” ~


“I nearly did!” Exclaimed Loki. “I was sitting next to the winner and I was just as good as her!”

“Oh, Loki…” Frigga knelt down beside Loki’s chair and took his hands in hers to stroke them, “Perhaps next time?”

“Ingrid won it and she did not deserve it as much as I! So I did not applaud her and I did not smile!” Loki took one of his hands away and picked up his fork sullenly. Frigga glanced at Fulla, who shrugged, unable to understand this behaviour. She gently but firmly removed the fork from Loki’s grip and moved his chair so that he had to face her.

“Loki, I am disappointed in you. Do you understand why?”

A slight nod of his head, along with a tremble in his bottom lip and moisture appearing in her son’s clear blue eyes were upsetting to Frigga, but he had to learn this lesson. It was one of the hardest to learn, but a valuable one nonetheless.

“Your reaction to someone else winning the award was not nice, Loki.” Reddening of the little boy’s cheeks showed his embarrassment, but still she ploughed on. “You only thought about yourself and what you believed you had done to merit it. Yet you should have taken a moment to think upon what Ingrid had done.” Loki tried to answer, but it came out in a sob and Frigga pulled him towards her, whereupon he hugged her tightly. “Perhaps you were very good, perhaps your effort has got better, but perhaps Ingrid really did do just a little better than you in Miss Sturludóttir’s eyes today.” Loki hugged her tighter as she stroked his hair, “It does not mean you did badly, Loki. And there was no need to lie to me, was there?” She kissed his head again and leaned back, meeting Loki’s reluctant eyes and wiping away his tears with a napkin.

“Jealousy is the most poisonous of all emotions, Loki. It sneaks in. It is an insidious thing and before we know it, we are caught in its tangled web. Do not allow jealousy to enter your heart Loki. It can only lead to no good.” She smiled at the little boy, who was now starting to cheer up a bit. “You are my Star every day, Loki. You surely know that?”

Loki grinned then and picked his fork back up, hungry now, but he looked at her questioningly as she took her seat opposite him at the table.

“Even when Thor is here?”


Loki Origins (Young Loki) 24: Jealousy
Loki is doing really well in school and is certain he will win the class award for being good.

Previous Origins Tale: The Spirit Within
Next Origins Tale: 

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't updated in a while - I hope this was worth the wait :)

This story was inspired by a tale told to me by my friend, whose granddaughter insisted she had won pupil of the day at her school until she was asked where the badge was. The lines in this story where Loki says it is in his pocket, invisible, and that he nearly won it are what the little girl really told her!

Loki: Ragnarok
In the same spirit of my Avengers: Age Of Loki poster manipulation, I decided to make sure that our wonderful Mischief is not misrepresented in the new film. So here is the alternative title and the release date I will be enjoying here in the UK.



It was a beautiful day in the shining golden city of Asgard and the warm sunshine lifted the spirits of many of her citizens as they went about their daily activities. In the Palace itself it was decided by those who ran the various classes that it would be nice to have them take place out on the huge terraces which ran between the various buildings and the lake which lay to the rear. There was more than enough room for the classes which were being held in the Palace, and so the art tutor had his class making studies of perspective and colour by drawing or painting the giant Mountain of Asgard in the distance, the Weaponsmaster used the shallow waters to impede the feet of his pupils as they practiced swordplay so that they would learn how to overcome their resistance and the tutor in charge of the very youngest children decided that the scenery made the perfect backdrop for a play.


Loki was in this class and all the children were read a story written by an author whose pseudonym was Lyse Brann. It told of how a young child went wandering into the woods only to be met with a great danger in the form of a Giant Wolf who caught her scent and decided to try to catch her to eat. Fortunately, one of the ancient Tree Spirits was benevolent enough to confront the Wolf and, in sacrificing itself, saved her. A couple of the younger children were scared by the thought of dark woods and big wolves intent on making the nearest child its lunch, but they were quickly distracted with the task of painting huge canvases with swathes of blue skies and big bushy trees which were going to act as a backdrop for their play. About half a dozen of the taller children in the group were chosen to dress up as “real” Trees, the largest boy Arvid was chosen to play the terrible Wolf and Sigyn, as the eldest girl, was chosen to play the Lost Child because she needed to remember some lines. Everyone seemed to have something to do and Miss Sturludóttir wandered around to check that each child was managing to carry out their task. Everything seemed to be coming along rather well; Sigyn had obtained a costume from the prop box and was now helping Arvid to create a tail from a long piece of rope, and the young set designers were having a great time painting the scenery – although the amount of paint they were getting on each other was causing them to blend in with it somewhat.


Another child who was blending in very well was Loki. He had been interested in the lesson and had listened to the story with eyes wide open in wonder and then in fright and then glistening with tears as his heart broke during the scene where the Tree Spirit sacrificed itself to save the Lost Child from the Wolf. Embarrassed at the thought that the other children might laugh at his sensitivity, he had hunched over where he sat on the grass and had imagined himself disappearing from their sights. Of course, being who he was, this was almost enough to cause it to happen. Loki’s Seidr, although in a fledgling state just like him, was unusually strong and intuitive and did not really require anything like an intonation of special words learned from a book. He was still there, sitting on his little patch of grass to one side of where all the activity was taking place, but he was not quite as noticeable as he might have been; his Seidr had made him less interesting than everything around him and so no one bothered to look right at him. It was not quite enough, however, for his tutor was aware of the pupils she had in her class, and after about ten minutes she realised she had not seen the Prince for a while. He had not asked to visit the bathroom and he was not painting, nor could she see him when she had a quick look around. The little mischief was up to something!


“Loki?” She called, and a few of the children looked at her enquiringly. “Prince Loki, where are you? I need to speak to you about your part in this production!” She looked about and spotted where he was. He had not moved from where the children had been sitting for story time and he was over there all alone. Why had she not seen him? Shaking her head, she went over to him and held out her hand to help him up.

“Come along, my Prince! We need to get you involved in our play. We are going to be putting it on for the adults this afternoon.” She brought him over to where some of the children were draping themselves in brown fabric for their tree trunks and Sigyn was now helping Arvid to paint his face in brown and grey paint to give the illusion of a hairy lupine.

“I want you to play the Tree Spirit… oh, Loki, whatever is the matter?!” She looked down as Loki snatched his small hand from hers and backed away shaking his head, his wide blue eyes locked on her in sadness. “Loki…?” Miss Sturludóttir stepped towards him, holding her hand out, but was astonished to see his cheeks redden and his bottom lip start to wobble. Smiling warmly, she lowered herself down and knelt before him, gesturing towards herself so that the little boy reluctantly approached her.

“Loki? Is something amiss?” She asked, but Loki glanced at Sigyn, who had stopped helping Arvid and was watching them. Realising Loki did not want an audience, Miss Sturludóttir gently took Loki’s hand in hers and stood up, “Walk with me, my Prince.”


The kindly tutor waved at one of her assistants, who came over to supervise her class and then she led Loki down towards the edge of the lake. The water was as smooth as glass today, with no hint of a breeze to disturb the surface – except where the weapons training was going on a few hundred yards away – and Miss Sturludóttir found a large smooth rock where she sat down with Loki next to her.


“Have I said anything to upset you, Loki?” She asked after a few moments of just looking out at the breathtaking view before them and she felt, rather than heard, Loki sigh.

“No…” his small voice said, but it was laden with quite the opposite answer.

“Would you rather not be in our play? I thought you quite liked the story… you certainly listened very attentively when I read it.”

“I did like the story… but… but… Miss… it ended terribly!” Loki’s little three year old voice cracked and he sniffled as he remembered the part which had made him cry. His tutor placed her arm around his shoulders, which began to move as fresh tears came and she hugged him to her side.

“Oh, Loki! There is no shame in being moved by a story! That is all any writer wants: to connect with their audience and to make them, well… to make them feel!” She gave Loki her handkerchief, which was a beautiful deep green edged with golden embroidery. As Loki took it gratefully, he wiped away his tears and looked at some initials also stitched in gold: “L B”. He traced the letters with his little fingers and then looked up at Miss Sturludóttir “These are not your name letters…”

“No, they are not. Can you keep a secret, Loki?” She winked and gave him a conspiratorial look.

“Er… yes, I think so.”

“Oh, no! You need to know so! I saw how you connected with the story earlier on and I saw how it affected you. You felt Loki. You cared. So, can you now keep a secret? The handkerchief is yours to keep if you can…”

The youngster looked back at the soft green cloth in his hands and at the beautifully delicate golden embroidery, which now held a secret it seemed. It was just too tempting for him. “Yes!” He decided, “Yes, I can keep a secret.”

“Then you can also keep that handkerchief. I think you know whose those initials are?” She asked.


It clicked in Loki’s mind, then. Miss Sturludóttir’s understanding and appreciation of his reaction to the story she had told today could only mean one thing: she was Lyse Brann!

“I will not tell a soul!” He whispered and tucked his prize away in a pocket. His tutor stood and held out her hand for him to hold.

“Will you play my Tree Spirit, Loki?” She asked as they made their way back to where all the other children were almost ready to rehearse their production, “Will you give him the emotion he needs?”

“I would be honoured.” Said Loki solemnly, “I will do my best to make the audience feel it, too.”

 Miss Sturludóttir, who hid behind the pseudonym of Lyse Brann, smiled as they walked; she had absolutely no doubt he would.




Frigga’s crystal blue eyes filled with tears as she watched the Tree Spirit take the hand of the Lost Girl and start to lead her along a Safe Path through the Scary Forest of Big Trees. Loki was dressed in a simple brown shift which flowed to the floor in strips which were tipped with daubs of brown and green paint to indicate that he was of the fabric of the world. Sigyn was dressed in a blue dress with a pleated skirt and wore a red hooded cloak over the top. The two children were taking their parts in the play very seriously and the Lost Girl looked around in wonder as the Safe Path – a yellow cloth on the floor which was revealed by the Big Trees moving apart – appeared to lead her out of the Scary Forest.


“I have long watched you this night.” Said the Tree Spirit, “And I must confess I love thy gentle ways with all my heart and could not allow you to be lost here forever, wandering and alone.” He took another step along the Path, “It is dangerous here.”

“How fortunate am I that one such as you would reveal your true nature and guide me to safety.” Said the Lost Girl and they took another step on the Path. A bright patch of blue sky appeared as one of the Big Trees moved to one side.

“Look through yonder trees!” Announced the Lost Girl, pointing along the way, “I see my home!”

“Then you must go…” Said the Tree Spirit, “Live your life and be happy… and perhaps think of me?”

“I will visit you!” Laughed the Lost Girl as they took another step along the Path to safety.

“I will not be here,” Replied the Tree Spirit sadly, “Once I left my body, I knew I could never return. I will wander these paths until I fade away. There is nothing to keep me in the world now.” The Tree Spirit passed a dramatic hand across his brown and green painted brow.

“Why did you leave your body?” Asked the Lost Girl, sadly.

“Because I love you and I would not see you suffer! Now, go. Before it is too…..”


The Narrator spoke: “A huge shadow fell over them as the Giant Wolf appeared. It had pursued the Lost Girl through the Scary Forest all night and had finally found her before she could escape the Big Trees! He howled in delight – he would have fresh meat tonight!”


Sigyn – as the Lost Girl – screamed out in fright and Loki – as the Tree Spirit – stood defensively between her and the Giant Wolf.


“You shall not have her!” He cried out and turned to the Lost Girl. Stroking her cheek, he smiled sadly and then leaned in to place a small kiss on her forehead. Drawing back, he hardened his face and shouted “Run!”

Shocked by his command, the Lost Girl’s eyes widened, but then she turned and stepped along the Safe Path, which opened up as she made her way along it. Large Shadows – big pieces of sheer grey cloth held up by other Big Trees – moved across and blurred the figures of the Giant Wolf and the Tree Spirit, but the audience could see in silhouette how the Giant Wolf attacked the Tree Spirit and killed him for losing him his prize of the Lost Girl, who finally stumbled past the last Big Tree and away from the Scary Forest.


The Narrator spoke: “And so the Lost Girl found her way back to her family, but she never spoke of her time wandering through the Scary Forest, or of the kindly Tree Spirit who had loved her so much for her gentle ways that he had sacrificed himself to save her from the jaws of the Giant Wolf.”


Two young girls marched across in front of the players with a large sign which read “The End” and bowed, whereupon the audience started to clap and cheer. Frigga produced a large cream handkerchief and blew her nose noisily before wiping away the tears from her face. She was not alone. Many of those who had watched were moved by the age-old theme of unrequited love and tragic death. The two girls moved to one side and all the children who had played the various trees, clouds and so on came forwards to bow, then they moved to each side and the Giant Wolf helped the Tree Spirit to his feet in time to be joined by the Lost Girl. They all bowed to more applause and Frigga’s heart swelled with pride as she saw the look of wonder in Loki’s eyes at the appreciation being shown for the play.




Later that night, Frigga cuddled up next to Loki as he got comfortable in his bed.

“I was so proud of you today, my son. What a wonderful play.” She stroked his brown hair and looked into his eyes, which were growing sleepy, “You were marvellous… all of you. It made me cry!”

“That’s what Miss Sturludóttir said should happen.” Said Loki, “She said that the true measure of a story is if it can make the audience feel something. She said it was all she ever wanted… to make the people watching become involved.”

Frigga smiled; Loki was using some very big words these days! It seemed he was enjoying his education and was soaking up everything he was being taught.

“Well, you certainly did your jobs today. My heart was broken as you laid your life down for the Lost Girl.”


There was a quiet moment while Loki thought about what his mother had said, and in his young mind something very profound clicked into place. He did not know how to convey it to her in a deep and meaningful fashion. He did not have the vocabulary or the skill of the Silver Tongue just yet, and so he spoke simply in the manner of the three year old he was.


“But Móðir, the Tree Spirit loved the Lost Girl and that is why he died to save her.” He clasped his small fingers around hers, “I would do the same for you.”

Loki Origins (Young Loki) 23: The Spirit Within

Loki connects with the theme of a story and is chosen to play a principal character. He learns how connecting with an audience is the most important and beautiful thing any artist can achieve.

He also learns what it means to lay down a life for another.

Previous Origins Tale: It's In The Stars
Next Origins Tale: Jealousy

OK, I admit it. This is hugely inspired by the fact that Mr H is back on stage in London. Having watched interviews and BTS footage of previous times he has trodden the boards, it certainly looks as though he thrives off the intimacy theatre gives between the people in the room, i.e. the players and the audience. I am admittedly very envious of everyone who gets to see this very limited run of Mr H's Hamlet, as it is one of my favourites of Mr S's plays.

So, back to my point: Here, we see a shining example of Loki's sensitivity developing, and another chance for him to connect with Sigyn. It's just a shame that what he said to Frigga was a terrible reversal of what actually happened :(
(Sorry... *hides behind blanket*)


As the wife of the All Father and Queen of the eternal city of Asgard, Frigga found her time was very much in demand. Granted, a lot of the hours in the day were usually taken up with Royal duties - both alongside her King as well as on her own - but there was also the question of being the one who Seneschal would come to regarding matters of the Palace - such as menus, guests, décor and so on. It all meant that she found her time with her children was made all the more precious because it was invariably eroded by last minute requests of her to be off doing something in her capacity as Queen, and so she usually tried to make sure that the time she did have with them was of the best quality she could manage. This would mean all kinds of activities, such as making crafts, taking walks in the Palace grounds, reading exciting books or even taking a lovely afternoon nap with her face buried in the soft hair of her beloved boys. It was only in the last few weeks while Thor had been away with Odin that she had been reluctant to spend all this time away from the nursery simply because she felt Loki needed more emotional support in the absence of his older brother.


Today, however, had been a mad rush from the minute she finished her breakfast and she had reluctantly left Loki and Fulla alone all day. It was a half-day for the school, with only the morning taken up by lessons and she had rather hoped that they could have spent some time together, but Odin’s absence meant that she was expected to carry out some of his duties while he was away at the Royal Training grounds and she had found herself being dragged from appointment to appointment with no reprieve. It had seemed to take forever for the evening to arrive, but eventually the Herald announced the close of business and she leaned back in her throne with great fatigue. How did Odin do this day after day? She looked around the giant Throne Room and watched as servants arrived to clean it now that the public had departed. It was an amazing space, designed to engender awe and respect in those who arrived in supplication, but it also – in her eyes – seemed to represent a huge gilded prison for the one who was expected to sit in residence for all their subjects to have at their disposal.


A polite cough brought her out of her thoughts and she smiled at Seneschal, who was regarding her from a few steps below the stage upon which the thrones sat. His face could not disguise the relief he felt as she rose from her throne to begin to make her way down from the heights they occupied and Frigga realised she felt exactly the same way.


“My thanks to you, Seneschal. I do not think I could have managed to get through the day without you.” She gratefully accepted the man’s proffered arm and they made their way to the end of the long room to the corridor outside.

“It is my absolute pleasure, my Queen,” replied Seneschal, “and I would be honoured if you would allow me to escort you to the Royal suites?”

“Of course, Seneschal. I believe I could do with your arm this evening. I am quite exhausted by all the cases I have had to listen to today. I do hope Loki has not supped yet; I would very much like to take my evening meal with him. The poor thing has been without his Móðir all day!”

“I should imagine he is very much looking forward to seeing you, my Queen,” said Seneschal. It was well known that the Queen was a most attentive mother and that all her children adored her. It was not a surprise of course; the same kindness and consideration was bestowed on her subjects and it could easily be stated that there were very few people who did not love Odin’s beautiful wife. “Perhaps it would be nice to take him a small gift? Something just to lighten up his day and for him to have to hand when you are not there.”

“As ever, Seneschal, you have had a wonderful idea!” Said Frigga brightly, “Shall we make a little detour to the garden? I have been meaning to get Loki there more often so he can learn all about plants but I simply do not have the time at present.” The two of them turned down a corridor which led in the direction of the gardens where Frigga had her own private area, “It will not take long and as you say, it will hopefully cheer him up after having suffered my absence all day.”


They entered the walled gardens through a wrought iron gate and Frigga went straight to a wonderful greenhouse which was constructed of intricately carved hardwood frames inset with clear glass. The designs which were stained into the wood were such that it seemed to be formed from living boughs and vines and it meant that the rather large building blended in with its surroundings rather than being an ugly utilitarian affair. Inside, Frigga usually raised delicate seedlings, grew winter salads and sheltered things like bulbs, corms and those plants which were not quite hardy enough for outdoors in the winter. Loki had been in here a few times to help her bring tools in or to take out those seedlings ready for transplantation into a bed outside, and Frigga had given him his own little corner in which he was allowed to choose which plants he would like to grow. As children all over the Nine were perhaps helped with as their first things to grow, she had given him some tomato seeds and some marigold seeds to germinate, since they were some of the easiest and most satisfying plants to tend, and these were just starting to pop their first signs of leaves through the rich soil of the nursery bed he now had charge of. Yet there was something else he had shown interest in within the glazed haven of his mother’s greenhouse. Back in the furthest corner there was an area where there were items clearly of an older nature and it was not a particularly tidy part of the greenhouse. Old vases and ancient tools were stored there; partly inherited with the greenhouse and partly brought here by Frigga from her ancestral home. Some of the tools were family heirlooms and she could not bear to part with them, even though some of them did not quite do their intended job anymore. One of these neglected items had caught Loki’s attention the very first time she had brought him here and he had looked at it out of the corner of his eye at least a dozen times while he was raking his little patch of soil before he finally asked her what it was.


“Móðir, what is that pointy thing with a stone at its centre?”

“Why, my darling… it is a sun dial. It is a special one, too – you can take it with you wherever you are in the garden and as long as you know where the true Celestial North is, you can tell the time from the shadow cast by Sól. Is it not wonderful?”

“Yes, Móðir. May I touch it?”

“Of course… would you like to know how it got here?”

“Ohh, yes! Where did it come from? Is it from the forges of Ivaldi?”

“Haha! No, my son, although that is a very good guess. No, this is from a distant and magical realm, brought here by your father. Many centuries ago, he was adventuring on a world called Krynn and he came across a group of Dwarves who were master craftsmen. They were eager to show off their skills and – in return for a gift from your father – they forged this sun dial to help him in his travels. It never fails to accurately tell the time no matter where in the Nine you are!”

“That is a remarkable story, Móðir and this is such a beautiful souvenir. Fadir is very lucky to have it.”


It was the sun dial Frigga had now come here for. It was very old and had been crafted on another realm called Krynn, which was not truly of the Nine itself, but of a parallel dimension which overlapped with Midgard. It was a treasure obtained during an adventuring spree hundreds of years ago when the Gods were much younger and were not as settled as they were now. She took it from where it was resting and examined it.


About four feet in height, it was a metal stave which could be firmly planted in the ground wherever one was working in a garden or on a farm or perhaps even travelling. The thick pole was topped with a horizontal disc about seven inches in diameter and although this was partly corroded and caked in years of muck and spider’s webs, it was possible to see that there were divisions and numbers etched into its surface. In the centre was what looked like an emerald, only it was of an intensely deep and dark shade of green – almost black – and it was rounded, not a traditional “emerald cut” stone. It, too, was very dirty and it was not actually clear whether it really was an emerald or simply dark green glass. Over this central stone, a vertical wafer-thin fin of metal was attached along the line which led to the Northern point. It was punched out in a filigree pattern and was very delicate-looking. This was of course the gnomon and its shadow was what could be used to indicate the time as long as it was aligned with the Northern Star.


Frigga decided it could become a project for Loki over the next few days, during which she already had a very heavy programme of appointments lined up for her. He could get the dial cleaned up under the guidance of Fulla and then he would be able to read it and look forward to the time his Mother would be returning from her Royal duties to come home to see him. She picked up a can of cleaner which was specially formulated for metals and Seneschal accompanied her back to the Royal suites, where he bade her good evening and told her he would let the kitchens know to send up their supper. Hearing voices from inside the nursery, Frigga quietly pushed open the door and leaned in a bit to see what was going on. However, it seemed her days of sneaking around were coming to an end. Even though she had been as quiet as an Asgardian Owl’s feathers on the night air, and considering he had been facing away from the door, Loki had turned around and was looking to see who was there. His little face lit up once he saw it was her and he scrambled to his feet to run to her. He was already in his pyjamas, but he was wide awake as he leapt into her arms and gave her a huge hug. Frigga laughed with joy at this wonderful welcome after a long and arduous day and she carried him over to where he had been having a story read to him by Fulla. She lifted him down, careful not to snag him with the sundial and his big blue eyes immediately settled on it.


“Fadir’s Sun Dial…” he said and looked up to her, “From the green house! But why have you brought it?” Frigga could tell he still coveted it and she knew this would be a great gift for the young Prince.

“It was lonely,” she said, holding it up for them both to look at, “It was lying amongst old broken tools, yet it is not useless.” She looked at Loki with a serious expression, “It merely needs attention. It needs to be cleaned up and cared for, yet…” she sighed.

“Yet what?” Asked Loki, his face growing concerned.

“Yet I simply do not have the time. I am so busy with all the extra duties while the King is away and I hardly have enough time to see you…” she ruffled his brown hair affectionately, “let alone start to clean up and care for such a beautiful object as this.”

“I will do it!” Piped up Loki eagerly, “I will do it for Fadir! I will make it as if it is brand new!”

Frigga hesitated, drawing out the moment and allowing his enthusiasm to grow, “Will you, Loki? Would you do that for me?” She lowered the dial so it was easier for him to see, “It needs very special care to restore properly. You would have to be patient…”

“I will! I promise!” He reached out his small hands hopefully, “I will make it like new… for you both, Móðir.”


Frigga relinquished the long metal sundial to her son and smiled, “Thor is abroad. My only concerns are for you. Until Odin returns, the sun dial is yours. Make your father proud, my Prince.”




Time ran away with the Queen of Asgard after that evening and it was about three days later that she returned to the nursery very late again, only to find a guard standing outside the door. As she approached he stepped forward, blocking the door, and saluted her in the Asgardian fashion, “My Queen.”

“Good evening,” said Frigga, “may I enter?” She raised a quizzical eyebrow as the guard shook his head.

“Your Highness, I have been instructed by the Prince to announce your arrival this evening. Please wait here until you are summoned.”

Frigga smiled in surprise, but nodded graciously, “Very well. Please would you announce my arrival to the Prince and tell him I politely request the pleasure of an audience?”

“Yes, Your Highness. One moment, Your Highness.” The Guard could not keep the humour from his voice, but he coughed politely and straightened his back before knocking on the door and entering the Royal suites. A few seconds later, Frigga heard her presence being announced and smiled to herself as Loki gave the guard permission to escort her in.


The Queen looked around in wonder as she arrived at the nursery and was led inside by the guard. It was beautifully lit with warm coloured candles and there was a hint of Jasmine incense in the air. A very pleasant melody was being played softly by a couple of musicians over near the large hearth in which a cosy fire was burning and Fulla appeared to take her to the sofas facing it, where she was encouraged to kick off her shoes and sit down to relax. A cup of sweet hot chocolate was placed in her hand and a small tray with light finger foods was brought to a table next to her. Fulla sat down beside her with her own cup of hot chocolate and Frigga wondered at all this pampering before almost jumping out of her skin as Loki appeared. As had been usual over the last few nights, he was already in his pyjamas, but tonight he was clearly holding something behind his back as he stood there in front of her. He smiled lovingly, “Welcome home, Móðir. I hope your day was not too bad. Do you like how welcoming we made the room for you?” Frigga answered quickly, for he seemed to be struggling with whatever he was concealing.

“Yes, it is beautiful Loki and much needed after a long day at court. Thank you both so much!” She took a large sip of her drink and smiled, “This is absolutely delicious!”

“I have something for you!” Said Loki and he came to stand before her, “I hope you like it.” He moved around and frowned as he struggled slightly with his burden, but then he smiled and managed to bring it out from behind him. Frigga placed her cup on the table and reached out in amazement. It was the sun dial, but what a transformation it had undergone! “He has worked incredibly hard on this.” Whispered Fulla from beside her and Frigga nodded as she examined the beautiful object. Loki clearly had worked very hard. From the tip of the gnomon to the end of the stave, the sun dial gleamed in the firelight as the burnished wrought iron reflected the flames in its richly textured and beaten surface. She brought it round to look at the dial and almost gasped when she saw the crisply picked out letters and numbers – they looked almost new! But it was nothing in comparison to the stone set in the centre just underneath the tip of the gnomon. Gone was the crusted non-descript green gem and in its place was the most mesmerising stone she had ever seen. It was a smooth circular dome and it was possible that it was green, but it was so saturated with colour and so dark that it almost looked black. Yet, as one looked closer, one could see tiny golden stars within it, swimming around as if it was a liquid inside with their golden surfaces reflecting the firelight and Frigga was overcome with the beauty of it.


“It… it… it is breathtaking!” she whispered, quite unable to take her eyes off the leisurely dance the stars were doing inside their miniature universe.

“Is it not just wonderful?” Fulla patted the sofa and Loki climbed between the two women, leaning against Frigga’s side as she turned the beautiful object around in her hands. “Loki has a tale to tell you about it. When he managed to get all the grime off it, he became curious about the gem in the centre of the dial, so I took him to the library and we set about trying to find out what it was.” She tapped the shoulder of the little boy, who was already showing signs of becoming really sleepy, “Why don’t you tell your Mother what you found out before you go to bed, my Prince?”


Loki perked up a little at the request and his small hands joined Frigga’s as she traced her fingers over the surface of the strange gemstone.

“It is an Alt… alteress…erm. It is an Altsee… ender.” He looked at Fulla for help. It was not an easy word to remember, but he had done very well to get this far with its pronunciation.

“An ‘Altseende Øyet’, Loki.” She said slowly and clearly, and Loki broke into a huge grin as he remembered.

“Yes, Móðir, an Altseende Øyet. It means ‘All-seeing…

“…seeing Eye.” Frigga finished.

“Yes! How do you know that?” Asked Loki, “Have you seen one before?”

“No, my son. But I do know they are quite rare – especially the really good ones – and I also know they usually belong to a Mother Stone, which is a large orb of the same material.” She paused as she tried to remember what she had learned about them, but it had been some time ago. “Did you find anything else out about them?”

“Yes!” Said Loki eagerly, “They come from the Gemfather Mines in Anviltop. There are races of Dwarves there who specialise in rare and beautiful gems and this is an example of the rarest and most coveted of the Anviltop Emeralds. It is mined from so deep a mine that there are enchantments upon them from ancient remains of Dragons and other strange creatures which have given them their powers.” The little boy took a deep breath after his lengthy recitation of the book he had read in the library and looked expectantly at his mother for her reaction. “They must be the Dwarves Fadir met.” He squeezed his eyes shut with a wide smile on his face as she hugged him.

“What a wonderful tale, Loki. It makes your father’s adventures sound all the more exciting! Perhaps we should investigate how they are used. How about I make time in my calendar to spend an afternoon in the library to discover how they could be of use to us? Would that not be interesting?”

“Oh yes, Móðir! I should very much like to do that and we can tell Fadir all about it.” Grinned Loki, and then he yawned widely.

“Ohhh… I do believe it is time for someone to go to bed!” Laughed Frigga and kissed the young Prince on the top of his head. She placed the sun dial carefully to one side and spent the next half an hour or so helping him to get his teeth brushed and his face washed, then curled up beside him on his bed to swap tales of adventures in Dwarven mines as he settled down and eventually fell asleep.


Loki got a really good night’s sleep that night, with many dreams of black and green gems with stars swimming around in their centre, and although he did not yet know who they were, the girl he dreamt of with red hair who rode on a chestnut mare and another whose blonde locks fell in pretty curls down her back as she polished a mirror in the King’s suite would, one day, become a part of his life and he would stay in contact with them through stones mined from the very seam of Dwarven Emerald that the gem in the sun dial had come from.

Loki Origins (Young Loki) 22: It's In The Stars

Frigga is none too happy about being away from Loki so much while Odin and Thor are spending time up at the Royal Training Grounds. She decides to give the little Prince something to do so that he will be occupied and have something to keep her in his thoughts.

What she can't possibly know is that a discovery made by Loki will bring an item into their lives that will be incredibly useful.
Previous Origins Tale: Checkmate
Next Origins Tale: The Spirit Within

This was very interesting to write because I kept going back and adding more and more layers to the original stick drawing of a story, like paint to a canvas, so I'm afraid it's a bit longer than usual. I've buried links to a few of my other stories in here as well as a major scene cut from Thor, which all true Loki fans think is a game-changer, so I hope this will all serve to make the tale more interesting for you - my dear readers xxx

So, a few credits are due:
Pritispuki (on AO3) - for encouraging me to incorporate prescience.
Marvel - for the line I have altered to fit my story.
My daughter - for helping me to build the anecdote about the sun dial in a more convincing fashion.
Spotify - for providing the eclectic soundtrack which I write to.

And the stories which are hinted at are:
States of A God's Heart
Wild Horses



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